Le Marche – Italy in a Region

Less than 10,000 square kilometers, four provinces (Pesaro Urbino, Ancona, Macerata, Ascoli Piceno) 246 municipalities all with their original configuration: Le Marche, the only region in the plural, is actually a magnificent patch of land or, as sociologists repeat and economists, one big city. A city in which everything is located; a coastline that crosses the territory along its entire length, with unique mutations of landscape ranging from wide sandy beaches to rocks that slope down to the sea; a sweet and harmonious plain with chromatically assorted crops and countries that bear witness to the industrious presence of man; Mountains rich in woods, characterized by numerous settlements; and then rivers combing the territory according to almost geometric scans, caves of great geological interest, steep cliffs and a single, precious natural lake, that of Pilate. This is the geographical frame.

The painting, drawn from the history and the different civilizations that have succeeded each other, is magnificent: Castles and abbeys, churches and museums, palaces and squares, villas, historic theaters, archaeological sites and monuments enrich Le Marche in all their extension. There are no voids, everywhere there is a building to admire, a painting to be appreciated, a curiosity to write down. The richness of the region is in the concentration of natural goods (a varied flora, a typical fauna, a landscape among the most declaimed in Italy) and of architectural and historical-artistic assets, to which are added extraordinary cultural resources. If tourism is no longer sunburning lazily, but it is a harmonious integration of physical well-being, cultural growth and fulfillment of its needs, then Le Marche is a privileged destination.

There is a favorable weather climate but also a warm and friendly human climate. There is the synthesis between respect for nature and hotel and receptive development. There is a wealth of small-industrial and artisanal activities that do not bother the guest, if anything they satisfy their needs and interests, in a pulsating and quiet region at the same time.