Local Product

Marche is a very interesting region, full of typical products to be discovered. The micro-production of cured meats is very important. The norcini of the Marche, in fact, produce a great variety of products really typical of this area, difficult to find elsewhere. In particular the typical salami, the liver sausages, widespread throughout the region; seasoned cups and lonzini; to the fresh and dry sausages, to be eaten rigorously raw, a typical food habit typical of the Marche region.

As for the cooked meats, we remember the pancetta, the gota. To try the cup of the head called Coppa, which here is very often flavored with orange peel and pistachios, a very special combination that I recommend to try. Among the PDO products, the only autochthonous is Carpegna Prosciutto.

The typical cheeses of the Marche are the pecorino, spicy and tasty. In the province of Pesaro and Urbino in particular we find the typical fossa cheese (Amber di Talamello) and the Casciotta di Urbino, the only regional DOP.

Unmissable cod, a very common food, present in a massive way between the banquets of the markets and in delicatessens. The Marche Region has identified about 140 products representative of all the local areas of the Marche, however most of these typical products remain outside the commercial channels, difficult to find in the normal sales channels.

Here is a list (not exhaustive) of typical products of this area:

The cheeses
cheese in the form of lemon, caciotta, caciotta cow with vegetable rennet, goat cheese, goat with fig latex, cascio pecorino yeast – fresh “raw milk” pecorino cheese, fossa cheese, pecorino cheese, pecorino cheese in barrel, raviggiolo, slattato

Vegetable Products
sour cherry of cantiano, cicerchia, suasa onion, composed of chestnuts, cotognata, granita with montelabbate peaches, syrups in syrup, rosehip berry jam, quince jam, blackberry jam, must jam and mustard apples, tomato jam green, brown of montefeltro, stuffed olive all’ascolana, marinated black olives – black olives strinate, barley toasted ground world, pear angelica, roveja – rubiglio – corbello, snow peas, Sompiano red potato etc …
The mushrooms and truffles of which the area of ​​the apecchiese is very rich deserve a special mention: white truffle (tuber magnatum pico), black summer truffle (tuber aestivum vitt.) Or scorzone, fine black truffle (tuber melanosporum vitt.) and the endless variety of mushrooms from the Umbria / Marche Apennines

Fresh pasta and bakery products, biscuits and jams
There are countless bakeries and some pasta factories scattered in the territory where you can find according to seasonality these and other products: anichetti, must biscuits, Ciaccia di Apecchio, crostolo di Urbania also in the variant crostolo di polenta, bostrengo (in the various types – one by country with different ingredients), calcia of treia, calcioni of fried broad beans, castagnole, cavallucci, aniseed donuts or anicini, ciambellone, cicerchiata, crescia / crescia brusca, crescia fogliata, cresciolina, torrone with nougat, crostoli del montefeltro, beans of the dead, pancakes of polenta, lonzino of figs / fig salami, macaroni of campofilone / capellini of campofilone, pan dipped, bread sourdough, bread of chiaserna, bread of Easter burgopace, pizza with walnuts, Easter pizza or crescia di pasqua, easter pizza or crescia with cheese, frappe – bows, nougat of figs – pan of figs, strozzapreti, cappelletti

Meats and sausages
barbaglia — gota e aietti – schooner, lamb guts or raw goat, rustic capon – local capon, horse meat of the catria, ostrich meat, meat of the Marches breed, Apennine sheep meat, ciauscolo, head cup, livers, lard of montefeltro, loin / capocollo / scalmarita, lonzino, mazzafegato – mad sausage, miccio / miaggio / migliaccio, rolled pancetta, porchetta, aromatized Montefeltro ham, prosciutto of the brands, salami di Fabriano, prosciutto di Carpegna

Typical, non-alcoholic and distilled beverages
An entire chapter should be dedicated to craft beers (only in good condition there are 3 good producers + 1 producer of excellent award-winning grappa), to get to Verdicchio, Bianchello del Metauro and all the great red Marchigiani wines (remember here among others: rosso piceno, the trio of morro d’alba, the red conero) the cumin liqueur, the anise / mistrà liqueur, the blackthorn, the sapa, the cooked wine, visner / wine of sour cherries the Vin Santo.